Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Angelversary

When someone comes into our lives and they are too quietly and quickly gone, they leave footprints on our hearts...and their memory stays with us forever.

Four years today, I delivered my precious baby girl, Morgan Rose. In the face of grief, my mother wrote this poem that was read at her funeral.

Come Play With Me
"Come play with me" her grandma wrote
"And we'll make mud pies in a boat"
"Come play with me" her auntie said
"There are babies and books underneath my bed"
"Come play with me" her uncle crooned
"We'll sing silly songs down in my room"
"Come play with me" her mommy pled
"Let me put some pretty bows up in your head"
"Come play with me, Morgan" her Daddy cried
"I'll take my princess on a real long ride"
It was an angel's voice she answered to one night
"Come play with me and we'll take our flight-
away from sickness, pain and grief
to a place of harmony and eternal peace"
It's with great sadness that we now confess,
Morgan's fate from earth is better than the rest.
From Heavenly heights she will cheer us on,
inspire our footsteps and discern our songs.
Until the day each of us can hear,
the whisper of Morgan's voice gently in our ear-
"Come play with me, it's been awhile.
I've been waiting for you and your big, bright smile!
The table is ready and the bride groom is set,
the floors are all shiny and you're not here yet.
Balloons and bubbles will greet you with cheer,
Come and play with me family, I'm so glad you're here!

Morgan, a Rose Planted on Earth To Bloom in Heaven.

January 10, 2006


  1. I'm so moved and left without words. I haven't had any inspiration to blog for weeks and haven't visited anyone. Today I just happened to see you comment on my blog Sweeter Homes. And I decided to come visit. And I never expected to find something that would touch my heart like you did. The poem is truly inspired and I pray that today you will all feel Heavenly hands holding you and comforting you. Happy Birthday Morgan.

    And of course you can use any pictures from my blog. So happy to get to know you!

  2. That poem sits on a book shelf in a small frame that I pass several times a day. Reading it today, I am shocked by its clarity, amazed by the words. I know I found the words from a place I have not visited in many years. Love and kisses to you, Morgan until I hold you again.

  3. Now I am really hard. I hope you find solace and peace today.

    Happy Birthday Baby Morgan-


  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet Morgan.
    The poem your mother wrote was beautiful.

  5. Lisa,
    Hope your having a wonderful Sunday! I've just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! Please visit my site for info!
    Blessings Michelle

  6. What a beautiful poem. A beautiful way to remember her birth.

  7. HI, Lisa, thanks so much for your sweet email & for these heartfelt posts of yours. I'm so sorry for your loss of baby Morgan Rose, but I know she lives on in your heart. What a sweet post. Do you have other children now?? I don't know, but I sure hope you do.

  8. Lisa, just left you another comment below on the Projects post, so disregard my question above. I know now!

  9. You made me cry again. It's so great that you conitue to celebrate the day of her birth, even in the sadness. The cake is lovely.