Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Move

What a week!

With school starting on Monday, I've been in a hurried frenzy to go, go, go.  Hubby was off this past weekend, so we hit the highway three out his four days off.  

Saturday was spent looking at used new {to us} mini-vans.  Wow...can anyone say sticker shock?  Yeah, we decided to wait on that one. 

I think Max was the most disappointed.  He spent the next couple days pointing and whining saying "vaan, vaan, vaAN, VAAANN!". 

The other two days were spent in "the city" shopping with my mom.  While Hubby and Max enjoyed the Columbus International Car Show, Mom, Miles and I hit up the local antique and thrift shops.   This time she was footing the bill on our great finds.  Isn't it great when you get to spend someone else's money? 

This May, my mom will be moving and she's hired asked me to decorate her new apartment home.  Yipee!

Her new apartment is literally a blank slate with white walls, white mini blinds and very light carpet.  The only color comes from a newly remodeled kitchen of maple cabinetry and black appliances. 

Our shared decorating objective: INSERT COLOR and WARMTH. 

Here's a couple of pictures from the property's website.   

Her apartment is one level.  It does not have the spiral staircase. 
But it does have wonderful nine foot ceilings!

A gas fireplace to snuggle up to. 

Our other objective is to furnish her apartment affordably with used new-to-her furniture.  Describing her current belongings, my mother said she "is tired of looking at it all" and wants a fresh start. 

The only items to make the chopping block are either antiques or furnishings to be recycled with new paint, fabric or stain.  

Check out this simple wrought iron chandelier we snagged for $36. 

Mom was delighted that I picked out something
that did not need to be re-wired or painted. 
Oops...on the way to the car I did drop a candle cover. 

A few days later, I was back in Columbus to pick up this Craigslist find...a beautiful cherry dresser.  

And at $80, it was perfect and impossible to pass up! 

The seller was so sweet.   Although she had several offers, she said it felt right to sell it to my mother (via me) because it was a gift from her own mother more than 40 years ago. 

Mom and I picked it up on Wednesday and it's even more lovely in person.  I can't wait to give it the Briwax treatment {Thanks Janet for the great tip!}  

So tell me...

What are your tips for creating a warm and cozy space when painting is not an option? 

Sincerely, Lisa

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report

The sweet Beth at The Stories from A to Z is hosting a party

...A Show Me Your Shoes Party to be exact. 

I'm disappointed that I'm not showing you my very {un} pedicured feet modeling four year old sandals.  However, I think you'd rather see the new kicks I'm looking forward to wearing.     

Saucony Grid

That's right folks.  According to Zappos, the Saucony Grid is reportedly the best shoe for nursing school.  

  • An all white shell meets the school's dress code

  • Increased support and cushioning allows one to be on their feet hours at at time

  • Attractive styling takes you from the clinic to the classroom with minimal transition

So in honor of my soon to start classes, I assembled a list of  necessities accessories for the stylish nursing student.  I call it the {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report...

*Bear with me folks, this post lessens the pain of spending so much money on necessary school supplies*

A quality stethescope is a must for the potential healthcare provider    

Littman Classic II S.E. 

Of course every good student needs their own collection of nursing textbooks

Photo courtesy of St. Murse

And a rolling back pack to haul those heavy books {all 50 lbs}

Check vitals in style with this waterproof and scratch resistant watch.       


Don't forget about the all time classic nursing uniform

Lucky for me, times have changed.  Although, I did wear that style uniform when I was teenage hospital volunteer, my uniform looks a more like this.


There it is...The {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report. 

School will be starting in ten days.  Did I miss anything? 

Sincerely, Lisa

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Specials

Ever see a fabulous designer, recipe or project that you'd like to refer back to and then you can't remember where you saw it?  

Not to worry, with my new feature called Weekly Specials, you can just check here.  

Weekly Specials will be my record of blogland goodies that I see throughout the week.  Instead of bookmarking these goodies, I'll post them here and share the inpiration with you.     

Let's get started...


Wanda's Shamrock Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies from Beneath My Heart

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Boxwood Topiary Tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed

Re-Upholstery 101 from Design Intervention

Family Room Transformation from Cote de Texas 

There you have it...This Week's Specials.  See anything that you like? 

Thank you Rene for including my brass chandelier in your favorite things

Sincerely , Lisa

Friday, March 5, 2010

Light it up, It's Party Time!

Just got paid, Friday night. Party huntin... 

Each week as Friday draws near I can't help but to start humming this little ditty from the '80s.  Around 4pm on Thursday, I get a strong urge to head over to Clossman's {my favorite thrift store}.      

Since I've been shopping there, I've discovered quite a few gems that I haven't shared with y'all due to a lack of time.    However, this latest one is too good to keep to myself.  It also gives me an opportunity to be a PAR-TAY GIRL...woo hoo!  

One of my favorite spots in Clossman's is the 2nd floor Second Hand Store.  A treasure trove of unique items, the lighting department is always my first stop.  It's filled with shelves of old lamps and chandeliers.  

A few weeks ago I spotted a chandelier with potential.  However, it wasn't love at first sight.  It was dull and dirty.  Not exactly what I was looking for.   I wanted something with a little more *SHINE*

Well I found what I was looking for on Ebay.  But at $69.95, I just couldn't do it.  

I have this problem called indecision that prevents me from spending more money on something than I have to.  So if I don't like it, I won't feel too bad if it ends up in the attic. 

Funny thing, the more I looked at the Ebay light,  {which is supposedly fashioned after the Restoration Hardware's Library Chandelier} it reminded me of the dirty little chandelier I spotted at Clossman's. 

As soon as the snow stopped, I headed out to pick up my little find. 


For $9.95, I could NOT get to the cash register fast enough!

The chandelier was disassembled, rewired and got a bath in muriatic acid to remove a peeling clearcoat. 


Cleaned up in and in it's new home
~Our Living Room~

Doesn't it *SHINE*

I love, love, LOVE this light! I don't think it will be seeing the attic anytime soon. 

At $20 {$10 for the light and $10 for the electrical wire}, it's truly a trash to treasure. 

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Sincerely, Lisa


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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pieces of Inspiration

A few weeks back, I picked up these ugly awesome MCM chairs for a song.  Well, they're still ugly unfinished in all their vinyl glory.  But I love them just the same. 

They've settled nicely in their new home beside the fireplace. 

This photo was taken before the fireplace drama. 
You can read about it here.

Please excuse the mess...I'm just keeping it real.  {Actually, I didn't feel like "staging" another picture and downloading it}.  

~Inspiration Found~

As I was preparing the spotlight for BluLabel Bungalow, I discovered the Atlanta store Pieces, Inc.  and the talented proprietor Lee Kleinhelter {Thank you Erica for the introduction}.   

Oh goodness...I was smitten! 

Well as-is the story of my life {Cristal taste with a Natural light budget}, I can afford NO-THING.  But that didn't stop me from gaining lots of inspiration! 

Check out some of the chairs I peeped on the Pieces website.     

I love how these chairs resemble the high backs on my thrift store finds.   

I'm also fond of the upholstery used on these chairs.  They're all covered in fresh and affordable {type} fabrics without feeling faddish.  

So what do you think? Have you ever gone out on a limb to buy something that only you saw the potential in?    

Sincerely, Lisa

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today I'm celebrating! 

The lovely Rene from Cottage and Vine awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award.  Thanks Rene!  

It's my responsibility to pass this award to 15 readers.  If you've been reading my blog then you know I tend to be  indecisive.  Therefore I'm passing this award to all my 50 following friends! 

Yes, my blog has reached 50 followers.  The Crazy, Crafty and Creative Brenda was the most recent to follow along.  YAY...another reason to celebrate.

Image from Party Pantry

As part of the award process, I'm expected to tell you seven things about myself {something that don't know}.  Because I'm also celebrating fifty readers, I'd like to share a few things about my blog as well.   

  1. My first follower was Jane from the crafty blog Mamie Jane's.  Every new blogger needs someone as kind and supportive as her.  Thanks Jane!   
  2. I.  LOVE.  PEPSI!!!
  3. The fabulous Christy from Beach Brights did an awesome spotlight for Destination Seaborn.  When I won Christy's Store-It book giveaway in January,  I resoluted {is that even a word?} to clean up my act.  I'm ashamed to say that the kitchen junk drawer still exists.   
  4. I'm a night owl. For seven years, I worked midnight shift in a mental health crisis center.  Some habits are hard to break.  
  5. The beautiful Michelle from A Little French Loven presented me with the Kreative Blogger award.  It was my first award.    
  6. I.  HATE.  ONIONS!!!!!!
  7. During the summer I like to take my top off...



Wilmington, NC {2006}

C'mon, what did you think I was talking about? 

Thanks for stopping by! Remember I'm passing this award to my Fantastic 50 Followers.  I'm looking forward to learning more about you.

~As a side note~

Things are moving fast and forward to the first day of Nursing school.  I've spent the last two Fridays in CPR training and program orientation.  As March 29th draws near, I'll probably be posting less on Destination Seaborn and your individual blogs.  I appreciate your understanding and support as I prepare to fulfill a lifelong dream.  

Sincerely, Lisa