Friday, March 26, 2010

On the Move

What a week!

With school starting on Monday, I've been in a hurried frenzy to go, go, go.  Hubby was off this past weekend, so we hit the highway three out his four days off.  

Saturday was spent looking at used new {to us} mini-vans.  Wow...can anyone say sticker shock?  Yeah, we decided to wait on that one. 

I think Max was the most disappointed.  He spent the next couple days pointing and whining saying "vaan, vaan, vaAN, VAAANN!". 

The other two days were spent in "the city" shopping with my mom.  While Hubby and Max enjoyed the Columbus International Car Show, Mom, Miles and I hit up the local antique and thrift shops.   This time she was footing the bill on our great finds.  Isn't it great when you get to spend someone else's money? 

This May, my mom will be moving and she's hired asked me to decorate her new apartment home.  Yipee!

Her new apartment is literally a blank slate with white walls, white mini blinds and very light carpet.  The only color comes from a newly remodeled kitchen of maple cabinetry and black appliances. 

Our shared decorating objective: INSERT COLOR and WARMTH. 

Here's a couple of pictures from the property's website.   

Her apartment is one level.  It does not have the spiral staircase. 
But it does have wonderful nine foot ceilings!

A gas fireplace to snuggle up to. 

Our other objective is to furnish her apartment affordably with used new-to-her furniture.  Describing her current belongings, my mother said she "is tired of looking at it all" and wants a fresh start. 

The only items to make the chopping block are either antiques or furnishings to be recycled with new paint, fabric or stain.  

Check out this simple wrought iron chandelier we snagged for $36. 

Mom was delighted that I picked out something
that did not need to be re-wired or painted. 
Oops...on the way to the car I did drop a candle cover. 

A few days later, I was back in Columbus to pick up this Craigslist find...a beautiful cherry dresser.  

And at $80, it was perfect and impossible to pass up! 

The seller was so sweet.   Although she had several offers, she said it felt right to sell it to my mother (via me) because it was a gift from her own mother more than 40 years ago. 

Mom and I picked it up on Wednesday and it's even more lovely in person.  I can't wait to give it the Briwax treatment {Thanks Janet for the great tip!}  

So tell me...

What are your tips for creating a warm and cozy space when painting is not an option? 

Sincerely, Lisa

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  1. How fun to help your mother with her new place! Make sure you post some before and afters. That dresser was a beauty!!
    Good luck with school on Monday.

  2. Great finds. I agree before and afters for sure. Happy friday! :)

  3. Good luck with helping your mom decorate her new place. WOW...all that white. I love the beiges, tans, golds, greens (more of a spa green) and add some reds with the golds. Have fun...Jude

  4. Lisa,
    How fun! I love helping others figure out how to make their home warm and inviting! I'm sure you will do a great job helping your Mom! You will have to keep us up to date!
    Beautiful dresser! Love it!
    How's school?
    Dee Dee

  5. Lisa, thanks again for all the energy you are pouring into my new apartment project! It is so kewl when the teacher becomes the student...Love you bunches, Mom.

  6. How fun to help your mom decorate her place! Fun punches of color with accessories, decoartive plates, basketweave textures, and natural elements will warm that place right up.

    As far as your car, we only have one car--a minivan because that is all we can afford and yes the sticker shock is awful. Doesn't seem like transportation should cost so much! Good luck on starting school girlfriend!!!

  7. Oh, sounds like fun! Enjoy your time with your Mom! Lezlee

  8. Luv your dresser...great find! Happy Easter:)


  9. hope your first week of school went well!

    i'm loving your mom's new place--how exciting you get to decorate it! i love that dresser, too. i t looks very similar to one lakeitha bought off of CL.

    for some time i've had the idea of decorating a home completely with second hand furniture. can't wait to see what you do!

  10. What a great blank slate. My Mom and I are super close but I have to say, she wasn't an easy client. Maybe the fact she wasn't paying made it so. I guess when you are forking over the dough, one is more inclined to listen. Still love her to death.

  11. My home is 90% new to me everything. I love second hand. And the dresser you found, BEAUTIFUL! It has a timeless look to it. You + your mother sound like you have a very close loving relationship :o)

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