Thursday, March 18, 2010

The {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report

The sweet Beth at The Stories from A to Z is hosting a party

...A Show Me Your Shoes Party to be exact. 

I'm disappointed that I'm not showing you my very {un} pedicured feet modeling four year old sandals.  However, I think you'd rather see the new kicks I'm looking forward to wearing.     

Saucony Grid

That's right folks.  According to Zappos, the Saucony Grid is reportedly the best shoe for nursing school.  

  • An all white shell meets the school's dress code

  • Increased support and cushioning allows one to be on their feet hours at at time

  • Attractive styling takes you from the clinic to the classroom with minimal transition

So in honor of my soon to start classes, I assembled a list of  necessities accessories for the stylish nursing student.  I call it the {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report...

*Bear with me folks, this post lessens the pain of spending so much money on necessary school supplies*

A quality stethescope is a must for the potential healthcare provider    

Littman Classic II S.E. 

Of course every good student needs their own collection of nursing textbooks

Photo courtesy of St. Murse

And a rolling back pack to haul those heavy books {all 50 lbs}

Check vitals in style with this waterproof and scratch resistant watch.       


Don't forget about the all time classic nursing uniform

Lucky for me, times have changed.  Although, I did wear that style uniform when I was teenage hospital volunteer, my uniform looks a more like this.


There it is...The {Nursing School} Hallway Fashion Report. 

School will be starting in ten days.  Did I miss anything? 

Sincerely, Lisa


  1. I never heard of 'nursing school shoes', but here you go showing them to me.
    Have fun at nursing school, you will be the best accessorized nurse to be there!

  2. I guess you do need nursing school shoes.. strong ones for all the walking and such!
    good luck to you!


  3. Lisa,
    Excellent posting! Enjoy the next ten days. Live it up.. party alittle!
    I so hope you will enjoy school!
    Dee Dee

  4. I can totally understand that comfort trumps style when it comes to being on your feet for hours at a time. Good luck with school. I have a feeling you will be their top performer!

  5. Good luck! And I think you're right, Saucony is an excellent choice (don't get sucked into the mass marketing of Nike or Reebok, they just don't last!)
    And I LOVE that watch. Its just what I've been looking for!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Good luck! I know you will do great. Glad to see you bought a rolling back pack; having to carry around extra weight on your good. Jude

  7. Good luck at nursing school. Your feet will be comfy.

  8. Congrats on moving towards a new career. I missed this news. Looking cute and having comfy shoes to do it will be important :). Thanks for linking up.

  9. This is too funny (& cute)! I hope you post a picture of yourself on the first day of school. I am so proud of you!


  10. Good luck with nursing school! The rolling back pack was a great idea!


  11. Good luck- the Sauconies are cute. Most of the nurses in our office really like Payless! Mine are the all black ones and are way more comfortable than any of my high $ name brand ones. Oh, and some of the nurses in our office wear all white crocs too!

  12. cute feature, and i LOVE the photo of the nurses. that one i would frame if i were a nurse--very cool.

  13. Who would think of the $$ mula $$ saved on the shoes after finding out the price of books! That was always the hardestpart of college for me. I'm such a cheap wad :o) So cool you're going to be a nurse!!

  14. Good luch with school!!! That is going to be awesome!

  15. Nurses need super comfortable shoes! Good luck on school. Thanks for your kind comments about my shoes.

  16. Lisa, I had so much fun reading this! You are going to do great and you will use everyone of those items for a long time! Still have my same stethescope :)
    Lucky for more nursing cap :)
    I wish you the best and please keep in touch...will be thinking of you!

  17. Hi Lisa,
    I wanted to stop back by and thank you for your sweet words. I really do appreciate them.

    Thank you so much :)

  18. Much luck to you in your studies. The US needs more nice nurses.

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