Monday, October 19, 2009

You Can Do It!

Not sure when the DIY decorating revolution began, but for me it started about the time I got married in ‘96. As a young bride, I was eager to turn my hubby’s bachelor pad into our home.

Watching TV, my inspiration was limited to Martha Stewart and Lynette Jennings. Both great designers, but not reflective of my youthful, transitional style.
Then, along came Interior Motives with Christopher Lowell. I was hooked! My VCR was set every weekday for 10am. (Do they even sell VCR's anymore?) I watched each episode, intently, making mental notes of projects I’d like to try. But more than anything, I enjoyed the message Christopher Lowell sent his viewers…You can do it!

Since then, many years have passed and a slew of decoratoring gurus have popped up. And after thirteen years, four houses and three pregnancies later….I’ve yet to complete one of those projects I saw on Interior Motives.

I’m now a stay at home mom with a house full of unfinished projects and a modest decorating budget. I finally have the time to do those projects but, unfortunately my Christopher Lowell VCR tapes have gone by the wayside.

So what’s a gal to do for inspiration? Surf the web, of course! Thank goodness for blogs like Centsational Girl, Southern Hospitality, DIY Show Off, Thrifty Decor Chick and many, many, more. They’ve been such an inspiration to me. Reminding me of what I heard so long ago from Christopher Lowell…You can do it!
Please stay tuned as I have lots to share with you. But first I need to learn all about this blogging thing; uploading pics, changing fonts and making my blog site pretty. If you have any suggestions or feedback, I'd love to hear from you...
Sincerely, Lisa