Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Say it's Your Birthday, It's My Birthday too...

Within the past month, my mother has recognized the birthdays of her three adorable children...Lisa{me}, Hope {my sister} and Josh {my brother}. 

However, with children in three seperate states, mom has only been able to celebrate this season of birthdays with me.   

Will you join me as we gather here at Destination Seaborn for one big party?!!!

Meet Hope
{January 14th}

Wife. Nurse. Student.

This is my favorite picture of Hope.  That smile really captures her silly personality. 

As a RN, Hope is currently in school to become a Nurse Practioner {Midwifery Specialist}.  She and her husband live in Wisconsin with their mini schnauzer, Holly GoLightly.  Yes, Hope's a big fan of Audrey Hepburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's.  

Meet Joshua
{February 18th}

{He's the tallest to the right}

This is my favorite picture of "Uncle Mikey" {Max calls him that because Hope's husband is also named Joshua}.    I had to search far and wide for this photo.  Joshua doesn't like the attention that comes with wearing his uniform.  He's so bashful...NOT!

Come April, Joshua will be finishing up a four year contract with the US Army.  During that time he was stationed in Germany for two years and did a tour in Iraq.  

The Birthday Bunch
{my birthday was February 6th}

Hope. Joshua. Lisa. 

Will you join me in singing Happy Birthday...

"Oh happy birthday to you. 
Oh happy birthday to you.
May you feel Jesus near
Everyday of the year
Oh happy birthday to you
Oh happy birthday to you
And the best year you've ever had!"

Now what birthday is complete without a cake?  I thought we could share the cake that mom brought me from Mrs. Goodmans...mmm! 

Time to make a wish...

Happy Belated Birthday Hope!

Happy Birthday Josh! 

Thanks for joining in the celebration!

Wishing you a great day,  Lisa


  1. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your Birthday celebration with us! You and your family are just beautiful! Happy Birthday to each of you! My sister's and daughter's b days are in February too! Mine is all the way into September, but I get to share the day with my niece! I just love the verse on your Happy birthday song! Dee Dee

  2. Lisa,
    Happy Birthday to you and your brother and sister too! You're mother should be very proud of her beautiful family!! The cake looks delicious!

  3. You guys are a goodlooking bunch! :)

  4. January 14th is my husbands birthday and Feb. 6th is my birthday! Woohoo!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!!!!!!

  5. What a great idea! Thanks for inviting us to the party, the more the merrier. Not only are you all so loving, but beautiful as well...the best combination!

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks for blogging about your family...helps me to get to know you better!

    I think you just need to demo the tile surround (floor) and brick (if you can, or tile over). Go find a pretty black marble tile and make the grout lines very very small or because you don't need very much, buy a granite remnant and have a solid piece cut.


  7. Thanks for dropping by and allowing me to talk about my family! I'm so proud of their accomplishments.
    Thanks Christy for the fireplace advice. I'm hoping to get something figured out soon.
    Stay tuned!


  8. And me....always late for the party!! Lisa that is such a nice post honoring your brother and sister. I spoke with Josh on this morning. Of course, I miss all my children but life goes on! XXOO to all.....

  9. Happy Birthday Month to all three of you...lucky siblings...lucky mom!


  10. It was so fun to meet your family! I can see why you're proud of them. Happy belated birthday to everyone!

  11. Lisa, Happy belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day and celebrating with family and friend! Jude

  12. Well happy birthday!!! Busy month for your mom huh? I know that she is proud of her beautiful children.

    BTW, Feb. is a great oldest turned 14 on the 3rd.

  13. New to your blog, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  14. Happy birthday! Mine is tomorrow, so we're both February babies!!

    Beautiful family.

  15. Happy Birthday to the whole gang. What a great looking family.