Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Oh-So-Popular Pendant Light

I think two weeks of sick children {actually one sick with bronchiolitis and the other feverish from teething} has caught up with me because I am beat and it's not even 11pm.  Most evenings about this time, I'm catching my second wind and starting laundry, cleaning the house and tending to other household matters.  But not tonight...I'm exhausted! 

So on with the post {before I fall asleep}...

Within the world of lighting, theres nothing more classic than the pendant light.

According to Design Boom pendant lamps date back to 2700 BC.  It's recorded that the first pendant style light was actually a clay lamp that burned animal fat.

Animal fat?  Would that be like bacon grease?  Whew...thank God times have changed! 

In this month's issue of Country Living, they listed the five most popular pendant lights from leading retailers.   They are as follows...

Porter Pendant {Pottery Barn}


Marrakesh Melon Pendant {Ballard Design}


Mercury Glass Pendant {Shades of Light}


Trey Pendant {Crate & Barrel}


Outback Warehouse Pendant {Barnlight Electric}


So there you have it.  America's most popular pendant lights. 

What's your favorite?  Have any of these lights found their way into your home? 

Sincerely, Lisa

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  1. oh i love the lights! Outback Warehouse Pendant is my fav.


  2. I love them all...but I think my favorite is the PB lamp. Hope the kiddos are feeling better.

  3. Yea know, I actually like the last one :)

    Get some sleep..

  4. Lisa,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your ill kids... I do hope they are feeling better, and you regain some of your energy! I love all the lamps your posted! We have some modern pendent lamps hanging over our kitchen island. I love that they offer extra light !
    Dee Dee

  5. I like these! I'm glad that you posted the Ballard Design one, bc I haven't seen it before, and I'd really like to include it in my new house...


  6. These are so cool! It is interesting how the style varies so. I'm so sorry your children have been sick, I know the world stops when Lauren is sick :(

    Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday!

    Paula Grace ~

  7. My heart goes out to you and your little ones. Try to stay well in the meantime!

    About the lights...I don't think I've ever met a pendant that I didn't like!

  8. Good to read you again! I love pendant lights so for me to choose just one is like a mother choosing her favorite child.....

    Speaking of motherhood, I am sorry the boys have been sick. Winter is such a taxing time of the year especially when all three of you favor the sun. Hang in there spring is coming!!

  9. I love the Pottery Barn pendants. Hope you were able to unwind and get some much needed sleep. Keep us posted on the lights. Jude

  10. Lisa, I enjoyed seeing those in the magazine too. They are all beautiful!

  11. Love pendant lights, especially over islands.

  12. My favorite pendant light of all times is the George Nelson bubble lamp c.1947. I also love that Outback Warehouse Light. Okay, I pretty much love all of them. I can't believe you get a second wind at 11 pm. You are super woman. Guess I'm just getting old.

  13. I love a good pendant light! Especially w/ a drum shade:o)

  14. These are some amazing ideas. Good job with the post.
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