Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Favorite Things

Melissa's hosting a party at 320 Sycamore! To join the fun, all you need to bring is a list of your favorite things.

My list of favorites things are those which remind me of WHO I AM without compromise. An individual who is more than a wife, mother, daughter, and therapist. I am also a lover of things that are appealing and beautiful to the senses. So here's my list:

The color white. So clean and pure. In my wardrobe or home decor, I love the color white. To me, it's like a Rolls Royce; a classic that never goes out of style.

      Linen. The touch. The feel of linen. The fabric of my life. Ooops! I think that's the motto for cotton. Well, most days that's all I can afford is good quality, 100% cotton. However, I really am In Love with Linen. It's WELL worth the splurge on special occasions, like vacation or decorating special places, like the master bedroom.

      Hydrangeas. I can't get enough of them. They are truly the all-star of my garden. I have three "little lamb" hydrangeas in memory of our lamb in heaven and three limelight hydranges...they're all white, of course. At the end of the season, I use the dried flowers as an alternative to "silk" flowers.

      Bubble baths.

      Relaxing music performed by a single instrument like a piano or acoustic guitar. Usually found at Walmart and Target for $15, I've found comparable CD's at Dollar Tree, which makes it all the more calming.

      Charleston, S.C. A synthesis of all the essentials;

      • HISTORY {The most beautiful homes and gardens}
      • SHOPPING {Lots of places to antique and junk, plus my favorite source of inspiration in the Lowcountry, GDC Home}
      • FOOD {Good ole southern cooking and the country's best Coconut cake)
      • THE BEACH.

      This Quote. "My favorite things aren't things"...

      they're my two little men! And Hubby too!

      Sincerely, Lisa


      1. Lisa~ what a perfect, classic list. I love that quote too and actually everything you shared is a favorite of mine too :) Thanks for sharing with all of us~

      2. I want to go to Charleston SO badly! One day...

        Stop by my blog to see my fav's!

        Cherry Blossoms {The Blog}

      3. Hi, Lisa, thanks so much for the note & for stopping by to tell me about your blog! I'm so glad you got inspired to start your own blog. I think you are off to a great start. You've already drawn me in with your stories & your cute little cottage home. It's adorable & I can see that you & hubby have already worked wonders on it! Can't wait to see more. So sorry you lost your first baby, I can't even imagine the heartbreak of that, but glad you have 2 cutie pie sons now.

        I really look forward to getting to know you, Please stop by and see me often. The only problem I have is keeping up with all of you wonderful girls out there in blogland. It's just about impossible, but I try to get around to visit as much as I can.

      4. PS You might want to take off your letter verification! That was one of the things in my Blogger Tips & a lot of bloggers don't even realize it is turned on.

        Your readers will thank you! :)

      5. You've got some of my favorite things on that list! Also two little cuties to go along with all that beauty. Would love to go to Charleston! I'm a follower now. Come on by and see me!

      6. Oh I love the end of your list. So cute! :)